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Thread: Today's Windows Updates May Interfere with ZA

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    Default Today's Windows Updates May Interfere with ZA

    When I installed a dedicated PC at home to use in accessing my company's network, I was able to remove the PC-Cillin software from my main home PC -- the company requires it for any PC that uses a VPN to access the company network. So I'm back to using the free version of ZoneAlarm for my personal firewall on my non-work PC. Next time I cranked up Outlook Express, I found that it had a ZoneAlarm toolbar which I did not particularly want but was willing to live with. I have now seen the posting here at;, which will permit me to disable that.

    But I have not yet disabled it and the toolbar has disappeared all by itself. The only thing I did was to install today's Windows Updates for XP service pack 2. When I rebooted after applying those updates, Windows Security Center popped up and told me that ZoneAlarm was reporting that it had been disabled. I opened the ZoneAlarm window and it seemed to be functioning perfectly. There was no indication that it was disabled. The system tray icon constantly shows inbound and outbound communication happening. I don't think it's disabled.

    After a second reboot, Windows Security Center is no longer claiming that ZA is reporting itself disabled. The ZA toolbar is still not visible in Outlook Express. This is not by itself troubling to me, because I don't want it. But it seems possible that it vanished because one of today's Windows Updates somehow interfered with ZoneAlarm. I thought somebody at CheckPoint might want to know that.

    I shall now follow the link above to disable the ZA toolbar in Outlook Express. Don't bother responding to me unless you need additional diagnostic information that I might be able to provide. I am a happy camper.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: Today's Windows Updates May Interfere with ZA

    Todays updates changed the time and calender date of the laptop. One minute the date and time was correct and the next minute it is at the end of the month. Time server is enabled and allowed to go on it's free will and no satisfaction. Rebooted into BIOS and changed the date and time to the approzimatelt correct values and rebooted into normal mode and rectified the time with the time servers (worked like a chard this time).

    Best regards.

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