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Thread: How can I disable vsmon and Zone Alarm

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    ashwood Guest

    Default How can I disable vsmon and Zone Alarm

    Can someone help me?
    When I start one of my PCs, vsmon immediately grabs 100% of the CPU and the machine locks up.
    If I stop the process it immediately starts again.
    Uninstalling Zone Alarm doesn't work - the uninstall dialog never appears and shows up as "Not Responding" on the task manager.
    How can I disable Zone Alarm by editing the registry?
    Presumably if I simply delete the whole zone alarm registry entry, that would do it.

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    ashwood Guest

    Default Re: How can I disable vsmon and Zone Alarm

    OK, by continually stopping the vsmon process tree through the task manager, I was eventually able to uninstall Zone Alarm.
    Don't plan on installing it again - this was unnecessarily painful.

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