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    joshs Guest

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    Zone Alarm has been saving all log files.

    Once in awhile it skips a date.
    Been trying to track an intruder, and was told the intruder can trash the log file, for that night, after they've been in.
    Is this true?

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    Yes, it could. They are just a bunch of text files.

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    joshs Guest

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    Kind of confused.
    You're reply....yes IT could.
    I was asking if a hacker (person)
    could deleted the logfile to cover their tracks?Thanks,Dave

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    Although this is a common trick done to the Windows Firewall ( this is why the default location of the Windows logging should be moved to a selected folder instead of it's default location ), the ZA the files are secure.

    No tampering is eaily done by a malware. The latest versions of ZA has increased more security from malware disabling the ZA startup and functions and logging. Remember the data can be only removed in Safe Mode. The ZA does resemble very much a bullet proof application.

    Best regards.

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