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Thread: ie6 site lists, za site lists, win registry, host file etc etc etc

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    thebobster Guest

    Default ie6 site lists, za site lists, win registry, host file etc etc etc

    First, I can't get answers from zonelabs unless i have a key but i won't purchase until i get these answers: sounds like a catch 22 to me. I guess pre-sales questions are a smokescreen (or smog).
    Does anyone know how the ie6 (security tab not privacy tab) site lists interact with za site lists? Is the ie6 site list still necessary? Does za simply modify the ie6 site lists (and therefore ie6 registry)? Does the za site list override/trump the ie6 site list?
    Does za create/modify/use the hosts file?
    Does za pro have admin pwd control so other users can't modify settings?

    I think norton inet security suite allows up to three machines to use a single license purchase.
    Does ZA permit more than one HOME machine on a personal home network (eg, my pride and joy 5 kids / cheap computers) to load THE purchased copy?

    Aside from the questions, the free ZA I downloaded and setup seems to work pretty good and is fairly user friendly in my opinion.

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: ie6 site lists, za site lists, win registry, host file etc etc etc

    Let me first suggest that you can give Zone Alarm Pro a test ride for 30 days without charge to see if you like the feel. It is sometimes difficult to properly explain just how the firewall works without knowing a user's system, surfing habits, etc. Having said that, the Zone Alarm Pro will trump Internet Explorer with regard to sites on your Zone Alarm Pro site List. Zone Alarm Pro will not modify your host files, they are controlled by your browser. And finally, you can use a password known only to you that will prevent any other user from changing or modifying your Zone Alarm Pro settings. Alas, the purchased product license is for just one machine even in a home environment. There are discounts for multiple purchases but I'm not sure just what they'd need to contact Zone Labs. But, you could but Zone Alarm Free on the other machines of course.

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    thebobster Guest

    Default Re: ie6 site lists, za site lists, win registry, host file etc etc etc

    Tx for the quick reply. I did find the pricing guide, no discount for multiple licenses. A shame. Must've had a good pcmag writeup and it went to their heads.
    spyware blaster, search&destroy, adaware all free and do the job pretty good if you're conscientious about it.
    Don't need to pay for that in ZA Pro. 'ZA PRO Lite' without all that stuff for 10 bucks would be a good thing for Home Networks.
    About ZA interaction with your system, it's a design/architecture approach
    thing, not a surfing habit thing or not really a specific pc system thing.
    Zonelab doesn't seem to offer any info about what ZA does inside your system and how it interacts with existing browser security settings, eg, IE6.

    Btw, you manage your host file, not your browser. Does Zonelabs have a white paper on ZA and it's interaction with a user's system that you're aware of?

    Still, I like how ZA has been operating since installing it today, so I'll be in a quandry about
    ZA Pro while I'm waiting for something bad to happen in freeZA which will make me look elsewhere for a firewall. ( I implicitly trust next to nothing....)

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: ie6 site lists, za site lists, win registry, host file etc etc etc

    Sorry, I don't know of a white paper on Zone Alarm. Nor am I technically qualified to explain in detail just how Zone Alarm interacts with your system, but it does. With the paid versions of Zone Alarm, sometimes the security settings you have in your browser and Zone Alarm Pro's security settings may not play nice together meaning one or the other needs to be turned off.

    About the license costs. There are indeed discounts. For 5 machines the cost is $165.95 and not $250. For 3 machines it's $69.95. Have a look here .

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