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Thread: What windows services should be asking for permission to access???

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    Default What windows services should be asking for permission to access???

    What windows services should be asking for permission to access? As there seems to be quite a few and they either ask to access the trusted zone, the internet or to act as a server or to use another windows service to
    access the same?Thanks.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: What windows services should be asking for permission to access???


    One windows application asking permission to use another is a very common situation. Windows explorer using IE browser when clicking the IE icon or the IE listed in the Start mneu is a common one. Rundll32 or svchost or msi.exe or mmc or cmd using other applications are other. These are normal operations.

    But the only real application requiring any server rights are the Generic Host Process (svchost.exe). I use "are" instead of "is", since svchost.exe appears in many forms of itself and each does many things, even though windows does only list one svchost.exe. Anyways the Generic Host Process or svchost.exe does require server rights for the Trusted Zone and not the Internet Zone. The antiviruses will need server rights for the Trusted Zone, since they often monitor ports on the LocalHost ( as well as some antispy applications. Mail monitors and web scanners from the antivirus will also require Trusted Server Rights to check the inbound internet.

    Any other application such as IM or P2P will need server rights, and those should be allowed on a temporay basis as per needed.

    Windows applications:
    all require Trusted access and shouldbe allowed an Ask for the Internet. This is a bare mininium list and there are many others to be shown, but most of the time no other windows application requires internet access or server rights other than svchost.exe.

    The exceptions come when updating/patching Windows or when installing a new software or doing certain user induced actions.It is perfectly safe to allow these under things circumstances. Regularly these other applications do not need internat access.

    Printer will need access, not to internet and if using a LAN connected printer, then the printer will need Trusted Zone server rights as well as spooler.

    In the rights click of the application in the Program listing, there are options in the Options to fine tune the actions of the ZA upon the application and fine tuning for the application itself in relationship with the ZA firewall.

    Best regards.

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