I want to buy ZA Pro for 3 home PCs (1 year). The ZA web site shows $39.95 for 1 PC, $92.40 for 2 PCs, and $206 for 5 PCs. This is really weird. Why would the license for 2 PCs be more than 2x the cost of 1 PC? Why would the license for 5 PCs be more than 5x the cost of 1 PC? I emailed Customer Support with this question over a week ago, but have received no answer.


By comparison, the more robust ZA ISS is $49.95 (1 PC), $69.95 (3 PCs), $165.95 (5 PCs). It is actually cheaper than ZA Pro for 2 PCs or more.


I can't think that there isn't an error on the web site for the ZA Pro. But, in case there isn't, can I buy the ZA ISS, but upon installation, disable the AV?

Thanks in advance.