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    cpb Guest

    Default IE 7

    Windows is prompting me to download Internet Explorer 7. Does anyone know of any issues with IE 7 and ZA Pro 6.5?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    tasman Guest

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    I have been using it for a week and no problems, just make sure you turn off you ZA and antivirus before you download it . Install went smoothTasman

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    ritual Guest

    Default Re: IE 7

    I also downloaded IE7 and found a few problems.
    I cannot edit html files using Frontpage if Zone Alarm is on.
    I cannot open Outlook Express autimatically if I click on a mailto link.
    Everything works fine if I shutdown ZA Pro

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    oberst Guest

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    I installed IE 7 just after the auto update to ZA Pro.
    I got a hick-up in the installation of IE 7, but after it occured to me that I was having a firewall or anti-virus conflict, I turned both off and it loaded without a hitch.
    However, IE 7 seemed really slow.
    I have used it for several weeks now and it is still really slow.
    As a result, I turned off ZA Pro and my anti-virus and spyware stuff and went to a safe site, the one that I administer.
    Suddenly IE 7 was every bit as fast as IE 6 and when I turned off the anti-phising feature, it was even faster.
    then turned things back on, it was ZA Pro that slowed everything to a crawl.
    I like using ZA Pro's firewall, but I may only turn it on when I am concerned about site security.

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    ritual Guest

    Default Re: IE 7

    s an old version that is know to work and where can I download it from?
    I am having the following problems-cannot read pdf documents inside the browser, get a read memory problem-cannot open Outlook Express when I clcik a mailto link-cannot oped FRONTPAGE if I am trying to edit a .htm document on IE7 (File, Edit with Frontpage)

    If I shutdown Zone Alarm everything is fine
    Speed seems to be fine

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    ritual Guest

    Default Re: IE 7

    I unsinstalled the latest version and installed zapSetup_61_744_001_en
    Now everything works fine....
    get it here
    Good luck

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