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Thread: File transfer for MSN Messenger

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    hanlong Guest

    Default File transfer for MSN Messenger

    Please can anyone help with this problem. Since installing the Zone Alarm Security Suite I have been unable to receive or send files over my MSN messenger, whether they are photos or music. Please can someone tell me how to correct this issue. I have followed all of the Help topics from Zone alarm, All settings for the program are set to allowed.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    rcrawford Guest

    Default Re: File transfer for MSN Messenger

    I'm having a similiar problem with the security suite, and I have a interesting perspective to add to the matter.
    I have 2 computers, both for whom I have purchased ZA products for.
    My other machine has ZA Pro version 6.5 (kept up to date via the autoupdate feature), while the one I'm expierencing problems with has ZA Security Suite also kept current.
    My other computer transfers files via MSN Messenger without a hitch, I have program settings set to Trust Level 3, and Allow across the board.
    That system has MSN 7.5.0324 installed, and also shows MSN Messenger 4.7 as being on the system, with similiar settings
    (I have tried to remove 4.7 several times, but it keeps popping up so I imagine it's somehow embedded in any MSN version).
    I have the exact same settings on the problem machine, yet it will not transfer files, or if it does, extremely sluggishly.
    I have the IM security turned off, as it was recommend on MSN to do so due to conflict between the two programs (a bit of an annoyance considering that was one of the reasons I bought ZA Security Suite to begin with) as well as Spyware turned off (again, same reason given, and equally annoying).
    I am very fond of ZA, but this is enough of a deal breaker for me to uninstall it and go with a different vendor if I can't get this issue resolved.
    If there are any other things I need to configure/look into, please direct me to do so and I'd happily follow your instructions or submit more information.

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    Default Re: File transfer for MSN Messenger

    Are you using the newest version of ZASS? Also (and I don't use it so I don't know) is the file transfer in messenger set to do passive transfers?
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    rcrawford Guest

    Default Re: File transfer for MSN Messenger

    Hrm, sorry Hoov, I replied on Nov 2 but guess it didn't take.

    To answer your questions;
    I'm using ZASS version 6.5.737.000.

    B) The only file transfer options I have under MSN's File Transfer window is which folders transfer save to, enabling virus scanning (with a program to specify) and the sharing of backgrounds.
    There is no passive setting to enable, or at least, not that I'm aware of.
    I am using MSN Messenger version 7.5 (Build 7.5.0306) on both of my computers, again the only differance between their respective settings is that the one I'm expierencing problems with is using ZASS and the one that's not expierencing problems is using ZAP (same version as ZASS).

    After reading several user sites and tutorials, I am at a loss, as ZA's firewall settings on the problem rig is set to III in trust, with Allow all the way across the board, and still file transfers are either completely unable to process (timed out) or they move along at a snails pace if they do go through (more often they get dropped at some point).
    Your continued help is greatly appreciated.

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