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Thread: Problem purchasing online with Zone Alarm active.

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    jparnell Guest

    Default Problem purchasing online with Zone Alarm active.

    Hello fellow forum users,
    I am having trouble accessing details of products, or the shopping basket at the shop at when Zone Alarm is on.
    If I turn zone alarm off and just use the windows firewall the whole website works fine.
    Any ideas?
    This is a fairly new website, with only a few products, but more will be added soon and I want to be able to purchase without needing to turn my firewall off everytime.
    I have never had a problem buying from other sites !?!?!?
    Replies eagerly awaited.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: Problem purchasing online with Zone Alarm active.


    Adjust the Mobile Code for the sites in the ZA Privacy. If the site is not listed, then use the Add feature, and make sure that particular site has all green checks to it.

    Guru Hoov has a brief intro to this>

    Specifying which types of mobile code to block
    You can customize mobile code control by which types of active content to block and which to allow.

    To customize mobile code control

    Select Privacy|Main.
    In the Mobile Code Control area, click Custom.
    The Custom Privacy settings dialog appears.

    In the Mobile Code Control area, specify the types of mobile code to block.
    Block JavaScript Blocks JavaScript content, including that required for common uses such as Back and History links, rollover images, and opening and closing browser windows.
    Block scripts (vbscript, etc.) Blocks scripts that execute automatically, including those required for displaying banners, pop-up ads, and dynamic menus.
    Block embedded objects (java, ActiveX) Blocks objects embedded in Web pages, including sound and image files.
    Block mime-type integrated objects Block mime-type integrated objects Blocks objects whose MIME-type indicates that they are applications.
    Note: This option also blocks legitimate executable files sent through the browser, including downloads that you may want to allow. When this occurs, you'll see the error "This object has been blocked" in the browser. For downloads initiated by you, it is safe to disable the Block mime-type integrated objects feature.

    After adjusting the Mobile Code, please clean the browser's cache, close it and then try the site.

    Best regards.

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    jparnell Guest

    Default Re: Problem purchasing online with Zone Alarm active.

    Thank you.
    I turned privacy advisor back on, and it told me where the problem was.
    Everything works great now.
    It was 3rd party cookie control that needed enabling to allow the details and the basket to work.
    Plus it was showing private header as a problem.
    Maybe the website needs a help item for users of ZoneAlarm. :8}
    Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Problem purchasing online with Zone Alarm active.


    Third party cookies are unusual- we need them and at the same time we don't want them most of them.

    Private header is commonly called referer.


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    Best regards.

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