There are four user accounts on my computer (all "administrator" accounts). I installed Zone Alarm from my account. the first time Zone Alarm ran the Configuration Wizard came up, I clicked through it, and it hasn't come back. However, each time any of the other users log on, the Configuration Wizard comes up. The user clicks through the screens, and it says it is saving the configuration settings. It does this each time a user other than me logs on. This has become quite annoying. I haven't found anything in the Zone Alarm Control setting to change this behavior. How can I get rid of the Configuration Wizard for the other accounts?

I had Zone Alarm Pro installed, and had the same issue.

The Video Tutorial at the end of the Configuration Wizard won't run when it is clicked in the other accounts.

OS: Windows XP Home SP2 and all updates

ZoneAlarm version:6.5.737.000
TrueVector version:6.5.737.000
Driver version:6.5.737.000

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:6.5