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Thread: No display in ZAP control center

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    flyinghost Guest

    Default Re: No display in ZAP control center

    The display is an Nvidia GeForce Go 7600 in a Toshiba Satellite P100. The computer is 3 weeks old. I could find no new drivers for the display so I reinstalled the original drivers from the system disk. I still couldn t see anything inside the ZA window. I uninstalled and reinstalled ZA again after reloading the display driver and still can t see anything inside the ZA window.

    Guys, this has really got me baffled. I have used ZA on a dozen different computers over the last 6 years and this is the first time I have ever run across a problem like this. One of the things that puzzle me is that ZA is the only program that I am having trouble with.

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    mspitaleri Guest

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    I'm having the same problem. It seems that you still have a blank panel. I found a "Fix" that involved a parser from MS but that didn't change anything. Does anyone have additional suggestions.


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    Default Re: No display in ZAP control center

    Are you using the OpenGL Drivers?
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    flyinghost Guest

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    Well, after working with Jeremy at tech support for the last 3 weeks we finally decided that when I transferred my settings from the old computer using PCmover, something didn t get transferred just right.

    I decided to restore the new computer to the original factory state and reinstall all of my software even though Zone Alarm was the only program I was having trouble with.

    I ll never know if that solved the problem or not. When I went to the ZA website this weekend to download ver 6.5.737 I found ver 7 and downloaded it instead. I ve had no trouble with it and everything seems to be working as it should now.

    Thanks for all the help

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    enchanted Guest

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    I'm having this EXACT same problem except I never re-installed or upgraded. ZA has worked fine for years and then one day last month, poof... my program's screen was blank. I too can see the Icons at the top (Internet IN & OUT with the STOP button, the Internet & Trusted icons, the lock icon & the programs icons, "All Systems Active," and the Help icon), but the rest of the screen is blank. I can see the "Hide Text" button at the bottom, but that is it. Nothing else. The left side is the teal color that it normally is but there are no icons or words at all. It's very bizarre. I didn't do anything to my program. Did anyone ever find out what the problem is or how to fix it? I've tried everything already mentioned here in this thread. Thanks!

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    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
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    fubarred Guest

    Default Re: No display in ZAP control center

    I fixed my problem but it wasn't exactly like yours.
    I've been running ZA Pro for a while and upgraded to ZASS about a year ago.
    I recently upgraded my computer and moved everything over with PCMover. When I tried to then upgrade to the latest version of ZASS all I was greeted with was the blank screen that everyone seems to know about.
    I went through all of the clean uninstall, file and folder deletions... etc.
    When I reinstalled ZASS.... voila... blank screen!!!!
    I repeated everything again but while in the "safe mode" of Windows I ran "regedit".
    I searched for "zonealarm", "zone alarm", "zlclient", "zaplus" and "zapro" (the last two were just for good measure.
    I deleted all registry entries for Zone Alarm.
    There were two entries that refused to be deleted until I right clicked on them and took "ownership" then the systemwould allow me to delete only those entries.
    Once the registry was empty of Zone Alarm keys I closed the regedit window, emptied the recycle bin and rebooted.
    I then installed my copy of ZASS and everything worked.
    No more blank screens.
    I don't know if this will help you or not but it worked for me.Good luck!!!

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    yamoto Guest

    Default Re: No display in ZAP control center

    I also have the problem with a blank (except for icons at the top and "Hide Text" at the bottom) ZA Pro Control Center after transferring data and programs to a new computer with PCmover.
    I uninstalled ZA Pro version 6.5.737.000, cleaned the registry of all links to Zone Alarm and reinstalled, first with version 6.5.737.000 to no avail and, after cleaning my registry again, with 7.0.337.000 tonight.
    No joy.
    I also have ZA Pro v7.0.337.000 installed on two other computers, running XP sp2 with no problems.
    Any help will be appreciated.
    ZoneAlarm Pro version:7.0.337.000Windows XP SP2Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GSIntel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6400 @ 2.13GHz

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    iveinsomnia Guest

    Default Re: No display in ZAP control center

    Hi everyone,
    Like others I've this problem too ...
    I've search during few month, but in any case (that case particulary) there is a "real" solution ...
    We see:
    Diferent country
    Diferent CPU
    Diferent Build and version
    Diferent installation or update
    Diferent GPU
    Diferent OS (XP SP2/SP3 > Home/Pro)
    etc ...

    The only solution is to reinstall it (but never work)
    I've all try (full clean reinstall, downgrade, windows restoration, etc)
    Nobody say if there problem as been solved.
    It is maybe time to say "IT'S A BUG" ....

    Intel E5200
    XP Pro SP3.NET 1.0/1.1/2.0/3.5
    ZoneAlarm : 7.0.483.000
    TrueVector : 7.0.483.000
    : 7.0.483.000

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    hoemaco Guest

    Default Re: No display in ZAP control center

    I've had the same problem upon installing ZA.
    I've first installed an earlier version, which resulted in blue death, then uninstalled it, but maybe that wasn't enough.
    Reinstalls didn't work until I used the "/clean" and manual regedit (removing zonealarm and zonelab references, though there weren't many left) and reinstalling (I don't know if safe mode helped here or not).

    Even then, after first run (after the "please reboot"-s) the program couldn't start (UI initializing forever), then had to reboot again and then it worked.

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