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    john_hird Guest

    Default HELP NEEDED

    Hi there ive just updated my ZA security suite
    and there was a something.engine.2k and it fails to install. and i get a system error message???
    any suggestions.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    chamath Guest

    Default Re: HELP NEEDED


    Please explain the problem. (Error messege etc.), and when it does fail to install (As soon as you double clicked the installation file? etc.).

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    john_hird Guest

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    when i click update it down loads the latest av and spyware updates. but its downloaded something called zone.engine.2k and it wont install this.

    now i have NO current AV protection. i have 62 days of service left i hope i can get this solved before then.

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    sthil Guest

    Default Re: HELP NEEDED

    It sounds to me that you, like the rest of us,
    were bitten by ZoneAlarm latest update bugs.
    Before following these instructions, verify that the error you get after the something.engine.2k is "Error: Invalid update contents".
    If this is the case then there are numerous posts about this problem over the past couple days.
    The solution is to reset the database - it has worked for most everyone including me.
    The instructions are in the link below.
    Please note that resetting the database will cause
    you to lose all your settings including all of your firewall rules, so you might want to note your settings before proceeding.
    Good Luck!!!

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