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Thread: svchost.exe and 100% cpu usage> One of Microsoft's May 2007 patches had a problem.

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    purple Guest

    Default Re: svchost.exe and 100% cpu usage

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    Nov 2004

    Default Re: svchost.exe and 100% cpu usage

    Ah, thanks...Well, you are on 8MB.. not bad.Really don't know why this weird behaviour with WU.Cheers,Fax

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    zaswing Guest

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    If adding comments of confirmation here is considered hijacking a thread, please, fax, remove it.
    purple, same thing here. You're not alone.MS downloaded patches 12/12. Next startup took forever.
    Then came the AV upgrade for ZA on 12/14. Too close for comfort when 2
    things change. But I'm pretty sure it's the update process and not ZA, as the patches included new genuine advantage or new updater, I don't recall.The first thing after login I clicked Task Manager, which opened right after ZA icon came into the system tray. Few seconds later wuauclt came in and then the dreaded long process started. Does that confirm that it's not the new AV? I dunno.
    In any case, on 12/16 I thought if I install the updates it might help. It didn't. I just reviewed your settings, mine are identical. And it too takes forever, 9 minutes, to get the computer checked at MS. And the startup utilization of 57-100% runs for 5 minutes. The whole thing is cured when I tried Automatic updates, as fax suggested. But I can't live with that.

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    Hi zasuiteuser,you are not hijacking anything On the contrary, thanks a lot for your input!!Fax

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    purple Guest

    Default Re: svchost.exe and 100% cpu usage

    Hi zasuiteuser
    If you haven't already been there goto MS Windows UpDate forum at
    Do a search for 'slow' and see how many many others are experiencing the same problems.Trouble is I haven't seen a real solution yet and most posters believe it is an MS issue which will be patched, though there a number of suggested workarounds.
    I'll leave you to explore.

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    zaswing Guest

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    Wow!The problem with that forum is that you have to read it through a peep-hole. I hate that, so I didn't look long. Do a search on svchost. Very discouraging.
    At Wilders
    posts #13, #17, #19, #21 also offer suggestions, but it's all very rough looking to me, because when I follow the links into KB articles, it becomes a jungle of information in Microsoft-speak.However, there seems to exist a hotfix. I wonder why don't they just push the hotfix, automatically, as yet another fix to fix a fix for a previous fix
    I'll recheck at home but I think I already checked the hotfix (kb916089) and that the msi version is current.Also I don't run Defender to which many threads refer.
    EDIT:I'll try to stop
    MS office updates as the first step and just enable the old Windows update and do Office manually've seen it mentioned in few places, and should be simple to do.
    One other thing I've seen is to rename c:\windows\software distribution\data store or just
    c:\windows\software distribution, and \windows\windowsupdate.txt file, but
    all that may require the new update engine hotfix kb916089.

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: svchost.exe and 100% cpu usage

    Update: with Notify me but do nothing else setting, I watched ProcessMonitor v10 this evening. Normal things don't get a chance to run, this wuauclt runs, then svchost comes in, both issue a heap of errors "Fast I/O disallowed", "Invalid parameter ...0x004d0008", "Sharing violation", so it sure looks like Bill Gates really messed up.I haven't yet done any of the changes I've seen in the places I listed above.

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    purple Guest

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    Hi zasuiteuser
    I have now turned my Auto Updates off until the issue is resolved.Not ideal because my pc 'may be at risk' but at least I will get reminders each time I boot up.This morning I went to the Update site and did a manual Custom search.
    This took well over 5 minutes to bring up the dialog showing available updates, in my case 4 in total.
    Whist the
    two I selected KB928388 and KB929120 only took a short while to download, the installation was delayed for some time.
    The cpu was at 100%
    for the whole
    time barring the short download of the 2 KBs.
    Looking at a number of ngs and forums there's a lot of frustration out there about this latest goof from Uncle Bill.
    Don't forget, I started this thread in the belief it was possibly ZA at fault - indeed I was about to scrap it.
    When eventually I discovered that MS knew about the issue but has does little about it, I too was hacked off.
    In my book this
    has now gone
    beyond the boundaries of good business.
    This, plus all the nonsense about minimising developer customisation of Office 2007 makes me wonder whether I should look around for other platforms.
    FWIW imo MS is at serious risk of losing the plot.

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: svchost.exe and 100% cpu usage

    I did the same. I'm set to notify only (but download & notify is the same). I didn't isolate out
    Office updates. So no changes in spite of all that information on the web. Anyway,
    I went to the update site. Took well over 5 minutes, and like you, found 1 to do, a previously failed Word patch. And like for you, it took forever, while the thing was reading every freaking patch file ever issued to my computer, see below.
    And here's how I spent the rest of the evening - EVIDENCE:
    - I made a shortcut to ProcessMonitor to be able to start it quickly
    - After rebooting, immediately after entering the password, within next 5 or so seconds, I clicked on ProcessMonitor and Task Manager and started to watch.
    - Utilization goes high, to about 65% and drops.
    - wuauclt comes in, utilization goes up to 15%
    - svchost appears, utilization goes up to 39%, then 55%, drops, and back up to 70%, then 87-90% and stays full force.
    - ProcessMonitor indicates clearly that svchost process is reading c:\windows\installer files .msi, .msp one by one for the next 7-8 minutes, WHY ???? Isn't there a short list to look at ????
    - There's practically no internet activity during this time, just the drive and the fan are very busy.
    - In the last 2 minutes or so it releases some space to others, such as tcp/ip setup,
    firewall (vsmon) entries, few other processes, then zlclient, but svchost is the primary user.
    - When svchost is done, vsmon and zlclient get to finish their work.
    I also once blamed vsmon for troubles of True Vector shutting down, vsmon page faults, bad pool caller errors and such, and it turned out to be bad RAM

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    harisv Guest

    Default Re: svchost.exe and 100% cpu usage

    I read this thread as i set out to find why my newly installed ZA Security Suite 6.5.737 (with all default options) doesnot like uploads into my yahoo briefcase.
    The CPU suffers more than 80% usage for a single file upload while it invariably freezes other running windows tasks hogging the processor with 100% usage for 2 files or more.

    Here are some of my findings -
    vsmon.exe - highest CPU Usage >95%

    Settings -
    MS loopback adapter ( set to Trusted Zone

    Config -
    Intel Centrino 1.7GHz with 1GB RAM
    ZA Security Suite 6.5.737
    Mozilla Firefox

    Pls let me know if there are any cures to this.


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