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Thread: CPU usage pins at 100% with zone alarm pro

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    quark Guest

    Default CPU usage pins at 100% with zone alarm pro

    I have a sempron 3100+ cpu that when zone alarm is enabled and I connect to the internet it goes to 100% usage.At that point zone alarm doesn't work properly,it just kind of takes forever for something to open.Also I'll get off the internet and the 100% usage remains while zone alarm runs at a snails pace to do anything.Do you have any idea what's going on.

    Thanks, Quark

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    Default Re: CPU usage pins at 100% with zone alarm pro

    Hi Quark,

    PLEASE go to the following sites and scan your computer for any type of nasty bugs.

    PLEASE keep me posted on your results, Thanks.


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    freedomone Guest

    Default Re: CPU usage pins at 100% with zone alarm pro

    this was happening to me as well, after upgrading to the latest zonealarm security suite. it got to the point that I could not stand it anymore. followed several post having 100% CPU usage. it helped somewhat, but then returned after several shut downs and restarts. I had so much **bleep** on my hard drive I decided to reformat the system drive. Everything was looking good after a fresh reinstall of windows XP. Then, I reinstalled ZA. next day after restarting the computer, the 100% CPU usage was back...Arghhhh!!! This cannot be any bug on the computer after a fresh install of the OS and ZA.

    Additionally, I have also noticed a trend. the 100% CPU usage re-occurs after every other shut down and restart. the main culprits in the Task Manager are svchost, zclient, vsmon, and system(occasianally).

    Can anyone shine some light onto this problem?


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