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Thread: zoney calling home and dead servers question

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    Default zoney calling home and dead servers question

    I only just managed to get back into these forums 5 minutes ago after trying for about 20 hours ( on and off - I'm not that **bleep** ;-p)
    The problem I had that made me head here was as follows;

    Last night I suddenly started getting a lot of network traffic I couldn't identify and when i went into the logs of zonealarm
    I discovered there weren't any. Needless to say this scared me somewhat. I tried to update the anti-spyware component and was greeted with the message " failed for unknown reason" or something equally helpfull, it was then
    I realised
    I couldn't get into these forums and decided a scan using everything and anything seemed warranted.
    Hijack this,adaware,blacklight beta,avg,trojan remover et all all reported a clean system yet still the traffic continued and the logs didn't.
    At this point
    I had to fall over as it was 5 am so
    I activated the iternet lock which seemed to stop everything and retired hurt.
    I came through this morning to a bluescreen citing irq not less or equal
    and afd.sys
    Restarted and abnormal network traffic resumed and I decided to re-install what
    I assumed was a corrupted and possibly compromised zonealarm. I did a full clean install and put back version 61_744_001 as that had been the one
    I was using - and the problems remained.
    I did another clean unistall and installed 65_737_000 ( I'd been avoiding it because of the shutdown popup) and the logs now worked as did the anti-spyware update but it immediately updated and asked for a restart ( did
    I mention
    I despise that "feature"? - if
    I pick manual updates
    I mean it dammit).
    The network traffic remained.
    But once zonealarms site and servers came back it suddenly ceased.
    So,rambling now over, what was it doing, why were both versions doing it and how do
    I stop it without causing the crashes it not getting an answer seems to cause?
    Can you make the instructions relatively ***** proof as I'm feeling a little delicate and dumb.

    dr del

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    Default Re: zoney calling home and dead servers question

    Now I am not trying to say anything by this, but when you went to the logviewer did you change it to firewall? I would also check the other logs to see if there was something else. Or did you go to the zalog.txt file?
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    Default Re: zoney calling home and dead servers question


    <blockquote><hr>Hoov wrote:
    Now I am not trying to say anything by this, but when you went to the logviewer did you change it to firewall?
    <hr></blockquote>LOL -It's alright I don't mind the implication that I'm an ***** - most of the time you'd be right
    I did indeed check all the tabs in the log viewer pane and triggered programs
    I know to create log entries and observed that this no longer happened. re-installed over the top to repair and it didn't help - that's when
    I assumed it was corrupted.
    I installed the later version
    I did a clean install which removed all the error files
    I now realise
    I should have kept.
    On getting the minidump files checked both crashes were caused by vsdatant causing afd to fall over according to the m8
    I emailed them too.
    But all the traffic returned to normal when the servers came back so thats why I'm not sure just adding all the servers to the hosts file won't replicate the problem all over again.

    dr del

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