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    atheeta Guest

    Default clean cache settings

    well i was wondering what does 'clean windows scan disk file fragments' do? it is good to tick the option or not good?

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    chamath Guest

    Default Re: clean cache settings

    It cleans lost / damaged data which have been recovered by Windows Scandisk program. Anyway I do not know what is the use of "recovered damaged data".

    But you should know that this option is enabled by default. So, isn't it good to left it enabled?

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    Default Re: clean cache settings

    I think it is a very mute security aspect.

    The hard drive has or will develop bad sections. The data is there but not accessible. The scandisk repaired or retrieved the data. The bad section of the drive is now avoided by Windows , but the data was just copied out of the bad section, not removed. This left behind data is now considered a security risk since it is still readable even though it is unuseable by the OS or the applications. It will not be erased by the Windows disk cleaning utility so it it remain there for a long time. It may contain important or personal information. The cleaner removes this last remaining data and thus continues to protect your information and data from being stolen.

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    Default Re: clean cache settings

    Generally it is off no use. But occasionally you can open what remains of a file and recover some of it. This is nice when dealing with very large manuscripts or whatnot.
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