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    waltharvey Guest

    Default ZASS with Norton IS

    I have been running ZA Security Suite 2007. Additionally, I have NAV2003 installed, but I keep it inactive, update it manually once every week and then do a scan. I have had no problems. Now someone has given me Norton Internet Security 2007 and I would like to give it a try - especially the AV as my present subscription for NAV2003 is about to expire and I like the additional check it gives me the way I'm running it. At the same time, I don't want to give up the security settings I am getting from ZoneAlarm. Can I install NIS, not activate it's firewall, leave ZoneAlarm continue to run and not have conflict problems? Are there parts of NIS I should not install? My OS is WinXP Pro. Resources and space are not a problem. I am also running AdAlarm and Spybot and as I mentioned above, I am having no conflict problems. Your advice, please.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    socalreviews Guest

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    Hello waltharvey, NIS 2007 which includes its own firewall is not compatible with ZA, ZAP, or ZASS. It is not recommended to install two active firewalls or two antivirus programs on the same machine even if you disable the duplicate commonents in either of the two security suites. Some forum users have had success installing NAV 2007 along with ZA Free and ZAP but I have not read of NAV 2007 being used along with ZASS and I would not recommend that either. You will need to make a decision on what security suite software you want installed on your machine(s). I suggest installing one security suite or the other but definitely not both. There will be a ZASS version 7 released in the near future with many enhancements including a new anti-virus engine and therefore you may want to continue with your ZASS subscription. If you have more than one system you could simply use NIS 2007 on another system and leave ZASS installed on your main machine.

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