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Thread: Multiple simultaneous logins & Zone Alarm Pro

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    Default Multiple simultaneous logins & Zone Alarm Pro

    I've been having a number of problems with ZAP related to having multiple open sessions at once that just keep wearing me down, so I've finally decided to seek help for it:

    1. If I "Switch Users" and log in after my wife is already logged in (allowing her session to remain open and unsaved documents to remain open on her screen), sometimes my applications hang, waiting for my wife to "Accept" the activity and visa-versa.
    2. My ZAP database or registry settings or ... SOMETHING keeps getting corrupted such that "Remember this setting" is never remembered. I theorize it's because we go back and forth selecting "Remember this" and that when both of us log out, the multiple writes corrupt the database. That or it doesn't like one of my applications' activities (I suspect it's either because of Google Web Accelerator or D2OL accessing an address that ZAP claims is
    3. Licensing: I stopped paying for two user licenses when it was clear that ZAP is actually licensed per machine, and it doesn't care how many family members have logins. I have to wonder if the multiuser case was thought of during ZAP's construction.
    4. I would like to be the sole administrator of the ZAP settings since my wife isn't tech-savvy and doesn't know when there is truly unusual activity happening on our computer (at this point I've told her to "accept" the odd behavior whenever prompted).

    Though I think ZAP is a superior firewall product compared to anything that's out there, but having my wife just always accept any activity happening on the system defeats the purpose of the firewall. I may be forced to seek an alternative that provides protection that both of us can understand.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: Multiple simultaneous logins & Zone Alarm Pro

    Unfortunately ZA doesn't do real good with user switching in my experience. The best way to do it is to logoff and then logon.As for the admin part, just password ZA and then check the box to Select Allow others to use programs without a password (unless the program permission is set to "Block") to allow others to use programs you haven't explicitly blocked, even if they don't have a password.
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