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Thread: Upgrade, Using New License

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    Default Upgrade, Using New License

    Hello All,

    My ZA 6.5.737.000 license expires in 26 days. I have purchased ZA Internet Security Suite 2007. Upon expiration of my existing license, will I need to install the new ZA or can I just use the "change license" button that is in the Overview section on the Product Info tab? I assume that I may lose some new features, but I think I would be okay if my firewall just firewalls.

    Say that I install the ZA 2007 suite, is it going to conflict with my Norton Antivirus 2007 and refuse to install? When installing the antivirus, Norton said it could not install with my existing ZA, but I ignored it, and things seem to work just fine. I prefer to keep using Norton Antivirus, which is why I would prefer to just update my license if there is a conflict with the antivirus or if I can not disable the ZA antivirus.

    Finally, is the stealth feature in the ZA 2007 suite a new feature, or is this the same as Identity Protection in ZA 6.5? Thanks for any answers and the past help.


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    Default Re: Upgrade, Using New License

    The stealth feature has been around since at least version 2. With a properly configured firewall, you will be invisible to the net.As for the license, the one you get should be able to plug into ZA (your current) with no problems. As for the AV problem, as long as only 1 is active, all should be well. I have 2 installed myself.
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