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Thread: Will Zonealarm Internet Security AV interfere with Kaspersky?

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    Default Will Zonealarm Internet Security AV interfere with Kaspersky?

    Hello there. So I just finished reading this article on botnets:

    Anyway, I realize how vulnerable my computer is, I haven't got an antivirus or firewall so I figure why not? This is mainly for identity/information protection. I think I'll also start Ghosting my computer from now on. For the antivirus I chose Kaspersky and firewall Zonealarm. My question is which version of Zonealarm would you recommend? I can't decide whether to get Pro (AV-less and my thinking no interference at all) or Internet Security (Extra Anti-phishing and anti-spam features but a risk of interfering with Kaspersky). Also, my next line of defense would be getting a Mac,probably in a year, does a boxed version of Zonealarm, from say futureshop, include a Mac AND windows compatible version? I'm not very computer-literate.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Default Re: Will Zonealarm Internet Security AV interfere with Kaspersky?

    Actually MAC and Windows have two completely different OS (operating systems) and there are very few softwares that are compatible with both. It is one or the other but not both. So the ZA will not work on the MAC, but the MAC does have their own small list of security applications (most of which are not really neccessary, since there is little to almost no malware written for a MAC).

    But you do have a Windows OS for the time being and why don't you try a free security setup for the time and see how they work for you? No cost to you and you can always buy it later, if you like them.


    download link >

    or download from>

    For a free antivrus try the AVG or Avast or Antivir (use only one and stick with it)>

    For some free antispy scanners (on demand only but these are good) They are for sale, but just try the freeware.

    You could try the ZASS instead. Download a trial from>

    All the security is in one place and there is the internet content filtering (called privacy by Zone Labs) and the antispam feature .


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