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Thread: More ZoneAlarm and Win XP x64

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    mtf Guest

    Default More ZoneAlarm and Win XP x64

    Ive got a question i cant find an answer for. I know the forum mod wrote there wont be any support for win
    XP x64 last november
    but will the new windows Vista version of Zonealarm be backward compatible with XP x64?I
    miss my Zonealarm and it seems other people do too, i paid for it, and now i cant use it. Would be a shame if they didnt support Win XP x64
    plus you would loose customers.

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    forum_moderator Guest

    Default Re: More ZoneAlarm and Win XP x64

    HelloZoneAlarm has no plans at this time to support Win XP x64 OS. Vista is a totally seperate OS and is not compatible in any manner to XP x64 OS at all.Forum Moderator

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