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Thread: Link Blockage on My Website

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    thomasmhahn Guest

    Default Link Blockage on My Website

    Hope someone knows what to do with this one.
    I have a website that has several read link buttons across the top of the page.
    Ever since I have loaded the Zone Alarm Suite several of those buttons have disappeared.
    I have gone to my website from other computers and they
    show all the link buttons.
    Any ideas.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:

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    earnolmartin Guest

    Default Re: Link Blockage on My Website

    Are you calling the buttons from another site?
    I can see your buttons, and I'm using Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite.

    Message Edited by earnolmartin on 12-28-200608:49 PM

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    thomasmhahn Guest

    Default Re: Link Blockage on My Website

    No I am not calling in the buttons from another site.
    Anyone else got ideas?

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    redowner Guest

    Default Re: Link Blockage on My Website

    I too have a similar problem, but its to do with visiting websites.I've had ZA on my machine for 6-12months. I recently rebuilt my PC for it's annual clean up.I noticed that sites I could access fine before the rebuild are now not displaying correctly.I use Firefox & IE6. I am able to visit the same sites fine from other pc's & when I disable ZA the sitesload fine.I suspect that when I first put ZA on these sites had already been regularly accessed so it allowedthem, but since the rebuild & the fact that my browsers & ZA went on at the same time something inZA is blocking sites from loading.It doesn't even give me an error message or any information to unblock.I've checked thru Parental Control & every other feature in ZA, as well as the help, but unfortuatelyseems no info there.One site I go to regularly :
    If it loads for you super, but as mentionedit did load for me fine until I reloaded ZA on after a recent PC rebuild.By the way, I am an IT engineer of 10yrs and I'm pretty sure ZA is the problem, so if anyone cluedin out there can help that would be great.

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    redowner Guest

    Default Re: Link Blockage on My Website

    YoTry this. just went straight to the last section (safe mode onwards) & working fine.Seems to be similar to first install in that when completed you will be prompted to accept/denyvarious messages, but the site I use to go to loaded fine first time.

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