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Thread: NAPSTER in Windows Media Player

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    longjohn Guest

    Default NAPSTER in Windows Media Player

    Hello ForumThis is my first message on this forum, could not find any place fit for my question, so if I overlooked something - please forgive.Now to the point: While surfing in media sites (music or video) sometimes I click on a sample-music file just to listen, the WMP comes to live to play and it is normal. But recently I noticed some delay and when WMP opens it has the "Napster" icon on it - and I was not asked for it at all.So I close the player, lock "ZA" and go to "regedit" and remove all references to "Napster" (I learned this the hard way). After this while offline there is no "Napster" on the player until some next time when online and player opens and again this "kat" sneekes in.My question: Why "ZoneAlarm" does not prevent such installation? and this IS an (un wanted) installation.Is there something to 'tweek' ?Hope I made myself clear.
    I use Windows XP pro + sp1ZoneAlarm Pro recently installed (6.5.737.000)
    Any help will be appreciatedL.J.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: NAPSTER in Windows Media Player

    LongJohn, you are not alone, I got that strange occurrence happening a few weeks
    ago too. I've never prescribed for Napster or anything like it. But, I think it's a legitimate case where Microsoft's Windows Media Player is officially authorized to keep that online store section open to all of those music sites, of which Napster has somehow 'paid' for the privilege to show it's icon first. OK, if it's legit, what can we do: first, when I get that Napster icon, I get a ' cookie' from -'' which my WinPatrol software picks up and I dutiful, delete after I sign off the net.
    Now for the good part, In ZA program control 'deny access'= red x, Access to the Internet, for your Windows Media Player program, until you really need to listen/play those sample music/video, like from All Music Guide,etc.
    Here is a direct link to a Microsoft page with WindowsMediaPlayer10 and the online stores/radio choices, that
    better describes the situation - Since, it
    appears to be legitimate, uninstalling Napster or the two dozen+ music sites would be futile; it will try to reinstall thru Microsoft- I'm guessing Microsoft had to really open the 'online
    store and radio' section to avoid 'monopolistic/anti-trust' implications. If you've seen earlier versions of WMP, there was that familiar Microsoft butterfly icon in the upper right hand, under pressure from European and American legal concerns, Microsoft had to really open
    their online radio and media store.
    Remember, too allow ' access to the internet' a few minutes before you plan to sample music/videos. Gees, for a while, I
    thought Napster was part of a malware program on my pc.NaiveMelody NYC 1-12-07~10:37pm e.s.t. - Listen to the music - the Doobie Brothers

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware
    Software Version:

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    longjohn Guest

    Default Re: NAPSTER in Windows Media Player

    Hello 'NaiveMelody'Thanks a lot for your info answer, this explains why ZA did not 'shout'.:8}
    Thanks againRegardsL.J.

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