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Thread: zonealarm and limited user profile

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    krishan Guest

    Default zonealarm and limited user profile


    I had my pc lock up and end up in booting loops till I did a total system recovery after editing user profiles in XP media edition. I haded a limited prev. user profile, zonealarm pro does not operate in such a profile I think, it needs administrator prev., so it crashed.

    Not ideal, security software should always run in limited user profile as well.



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    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: zonealarm and limited user profile

    It does run in limited user profile. Did you install under an admin account? Also are you using the quick user switching?
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    krishan Guest

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    That is a:

    I now understand you have to login as the user and then select "run as" and switch to admin account
    Also, are you suggesting quick user switching will not work, however, I think I was doing quick user switching.
    Every thing was running fine on the compaq admin account, then I opened a new admin account and also a user account.

    When I entred the new admin account no problem. I then logged off and logged in as new user account, lockup, crash PC. REboot loop.


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    Default Re: zonealarm and limited user profile

    FYI: if you are running Windows XP you can prevent the reboot loop, so when the PC crashes it goes to the BSOD screen and you can read the error message and/or restart the PC (e.g. in safe mode to trouble shoot, or normal mode on a different account, etc.)
    Control panel, system applet, advanced tab, in system startup and recovery section click settings, uncheck automatically restart, click OK, Apply, OK.

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    krishan Guest

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    ok, yes I understand, thanks for that

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