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Thread: Problem with Logitech mouse

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    betty Guest

    Default Problem with Logitech mouse

    I have had to uninstall two versions of ZoneAlarm Pro because they made my Logitech mouse very jumpy.
    The versions were 6.5.722.000 and 6.5.737.000.
    I am now back to using 6.1.744.001.
    Reinstalling the mouse software was no help.
    Has anyone else had mouse trouble with these two versions?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: Problem with Logitech mouse

    My Logitech MX-518 works fine with 6.1.744.001 too (and 6.0.667.000), but I've never installed any 6.5.XXX.XXX version.Contact ZA support and see if they have an idea why. 6.5 introduced a whole bunch of new features - one may have affected the mouse driver.

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    jpete Guest

    Default Re: Problem with Logitech mouse

    I'm running ZA 6.5.737.000 and a Logitech G5 laser mouse with no problems what-so-ever.

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    betty Guest

    Default Re: Problem with Logitech mouse

    I should mention that the mouse problem especially showed up when I used an old Hoyle solitaire game.
    It was almost impossible to play the game because the mouse was jumping all over and a lot of the time not responding to mouse clicks.

    Going back to version 6.1.744.001 solved the problem.
    Very strange.

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    Default Re: Problem with Logitech mouse

    Is there any newer software for the mouse? Also try giving the mouse and the game super trust levels in ZA
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    betty Guest

    Default Re: Problem with Logitech mouse

    No, there is no new software for the mouse.
    I have no idea how to give the game super trust levels.

    It's an old DOS game if that makes a difference.

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    bphaere Guest

    Default Re: Problem with Logitech mouse

    Hi Betty. I'm not a guru, just a user. I was having problems like yours a couple of years ago. I thought it was either ZA or maybe a bug in my system. I noticed the "feet" on my mouse had worn down, so before I trashed my system, I bought a new mouse just for the heck of it. It worked! I immediately threw away the old mouse which had only lasted two years. I haven't had a problem since.

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    betty Guest

    Default Re: Problem with Logitech mouse

    Hmmm, I suppose it's possible that I need a new mouse.
    I've probably had this one for a couple of years.
    It just seems so strange though that it works just fine as long as I don't use one of the
    newer versions of ZAP.
    I'll have to try a new
    mouse and see what happens.

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