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Thread: Opening Word doc freezes when ZA running

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    scott_see Guest

    Default Opening Word doc freezes when ZA running

    When I open an MSWord doc, it freezes. I tried opening the same document when ZA is turned off and it opens fineI'm runningZA 6.5.722Word 2003 SP2Win Media EdThe document does have images copied and pasted from web pages.Is there a way to stop Microsoft Word from hanging?And I just switched from NIS to ZA because Norton Internet Security was conflicting with Excel. Now it's Word. I can't win. Thanks,

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    mrcroc Guest

    Default Re: Opening Word doc freezes when ZA running

    When my subscription expired I upgraded to the latest version zaSuiteSetup_70_302_000_en. Opening either Word or Excel (2003)
    will freeze. I don't even have to open a document.

    If I shut down ZA, sometimes Word/Excel will come back to life. I had a similar problem when I went to version 7 around 12 months ago. In that instance, not only would Word/Excel/Photoshop freeze, but I lost all USB ports and could not communicate with my printers. At least some progress has been made.
    I went back to zaSuiteSetup_65_722_000_en, but still the same problem. I have tried cleaning my PC to remove all traces of ZA and re-install. On first installation Word/Excel are okay, but once the new signatures are loaded, they freeze again. Other software such as Explorer and Ooutlook are okay.
    So far this has taken me 6.5 hours!!!
    To cap it all, my PC will not shutdown properly and just sticks at the "Windows is shutting down screen".
    ZA has always been a great product, but I seriously need to consider whether I continue to use it.
    Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but you are not alone.
    OS: Win XP Pro
    Mark Crocker

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    scott_see Guest

    Default Re: Opening Word doc freezes when ZA running

    It turned out my problem was caused not by Zone Alarm, but a bad video card.
    I have a new video card, and now everything's just fine.


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