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Thread: ZA Pro 7 Slows Internet Connection

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    fazzk Guest

    Default ZA Pro 7 Slows Internet Connection

    So I have 4MB internet connection and when I installed ZA Pro 7, my speeds drop to around 2500kbps. Im not sure why it slows down that much but when I uninstalled ZA Pro 7 it went back to its normal speeds that I usually get when testing which is 3800 or above. So does anyone know why this might happen?

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    nina_simone Guest

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    This might be due to the Traffic scan within Kaspersky,thus slowing your connection.I am not sure how to disable it within ZoneAlarm,but Kav has a way to disable it,it might be a good Idea to disable this and see if your speeds improve. I also have a 8mps connection,but with that feature enable it cuts my speeds down considerably.As I only test beta's for ZoneLabs I do not have the official version installed,thus not allowing me to try somethings out and help you resolve the issue.

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