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Thread: Need user info/help...

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    raideron Guest

    Default Need user info/help...

    Hi all,
    Thought this would be the place to ask.. I Hope.....
    I have Norton Internet Security 2006 and my Sub. will end in 20 days I have been looking at
    different security suits to replace NIS if I do not stay with them..
    Anyway ZoneAlarm 7.0 is one that I keep coming back too..
    Because of: ease of install,good reports on the job that it does, and that it uses less system resources.... etc.....
    So I was hoping for some of the users thoughts before I buy??????
    I guess it's best to completely unistall NIS and its
    before install of ZA?
    Also I use System Mechanic 6, For those that may also be using it along with ZA, Is thereany problems??
    Thanks for any help/info on this!!Have a Great DayRon

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Need user info/help...

    First you do indeed need to uninstall NIS. Just using the Add/Remove may not be enough. There are tools on the Symantec site that will help you pull NIS out by the roots. Do that before you install any other security suite including ZASS.

    You can give ZASS a free test ride to see if you like it. If not, uninstall and move on. My biased opinion is ZASS is the best suite out there. Personally, it has some "fluff" I don't think is needed or features not useful to me. But the basic firewall and AV scanner (Kaspersky's software) is excellent. Others may want to chime in with their view as well.

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    raideron Guest

    Default Re: Need user info/help...

    Thanks Bill...
    I checked the symantec site, but they are saying to just use the add/remove
    on windows.. I know abouta year ago there was a link for removal on the Symantec site for 2005 version, not sure if that's changed for 2006. AnywayI'll ask their chat..So ZASS uses Kaspersky's software?
    I was also looking at going all with System Mechanic pro, but not much info ontheir system since changing from Kaspersky to their own FW, AV.. So you have had little or no problems with the installand the running of the suit???
    Seem like I read a few problems on here about that with ZASS 7?? Anyway Thanks...I was hoping
    to get a few more replies.... But I think I may go ahead and buy it, Is there
    restrictions/time limit of the testZA?? And
    if I bought it, would I have to uninstall the free version??
    Thanks again

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Need user info/help...

    If asked a lot of questions, let me see if I can help. There is a time limit on testing the ZASS. I'm not sure if it is 15 days or 30 days but it's one of the two. You do not need to uninstall Zone Alarm Free to install ZASS but you should not try to install both. Which one do you have installed?

    The best way to install a Zone Alarm firewall when one is already installed is to download and save the new installation file. Then go to your Overview > Preferences panel in your currently installed version, uncheck the 'Load Zone Alarm at Startup' option, reboot, and now run the new installation. When you are asked, select a 'clean' install, not an upgrade.

    The ZASS version 7.0 is the first Zone Alarm firewall to employ the highly rated Kaspersky scan engine for it's antivirus program under licensing from Kaspersky. Before they were using Computer Associates AV engine but switched. I believe you can now have the best AV and firewall in one program.

    I can't speak much about System Mechanic expect to say those who use it like it.

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    raideron Guest

    Default Re: Need user info/help...

    Thanks again Bill..
    I don't have any version of the free or ZASS 7... It's just one of the one's I havebeen really thinking of
    to replace NIS 2006... Have you ever had NIS?? If so, resource
    wise isZASS less of a hog than NIS?
    I don't think I'll use the free version, If I go with itI'll just bite the bullet and hang on for a year...

    Ohh, So I take it you have had no problemssince your install of ZASS??
    Thanks again

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Need user info/help...

    Actually, I use Zone Alarm Pro and NAV 2006. I've never used the Norton Security Suite or ZASS. Once my NAV license expires, I will be switching to ZASS. Those who are using ZASS now are not reporting any problems except the expected configuration questions we get here on the forum with every Zone Alarm release. The Zone Alarm firewall and Kaspersky AV combination is working just fine and I can't think of a better security combination.

    I really can't speak to the question of ZASS being less of a resource hog than NIS. Perhaps others could chime in with their experience.

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    raideron Guest

    Default Re: Need user info/help...

    Thanks again Bill for all
    your help!!!.... I'm still doing a bit of checking, but ZASS looks to be it..I did get
    a link from Norton online chat for its removal....
    Thanks again!!..... Colts.... :-)

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