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Thread: Basic funcitonality missing in a version 7 product

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    morkus Guest

    Default Basic funcitonality missing in a version 7 product

    When I look at a program that's been "BLOCKED" in the log, why can't I right-click that log entry and fix the problem right there ... like modify the program's trust level. Why must I go to another part of the program to fix these common errors? Often, it's hard enough just to determine why ZAP ISS is blocking something.

    Currently in ZAP 7 ISS, you have to go, I believe, to the programs tab, which has no "search" (incremental or otherwise) capability that I can find, and manually look at each entry. Ugh! What if I have hundreds of entries? (I do!)

    Why isn't there at least an incremental search in each page with all these entries? For example, if I go to "Program Control" and start typing, why doesn't ZAP ISS 7 start to take me to entries in the list as I type? This is basic functionality.

    There are many (Very) basic improvements like these you would think would already be in a version _7_ product.

    Of course ZAP ISS 7 shouldn't give me a BSOD just because I have Spyware Doctor 4 installed. (crucial testing item missed), but I already posted a message about this one.



    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:7.0

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    chamath Guest

    Default Re: Basic funcitonality missing in a version 7 product

    Well, you have got some cool suggestions and bug reports for Zone Alarm. I think, you should report them to the Technical Support.

    Yup, I agree about the Program control issue. Although the programs are ordered for the alphabetical order, it is NOT enough if it contains a lots of programs. In my computer, there are currently 431 programs are listed in the program control.

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