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    raideron Guest

    Default I bite the Bullet

    Hi all,
    Well I went ahead and replaced my Norton Internet Security 2006 with ZASS 7... All went real smooth!!I used Norton's removal tool, then System Mechanic 6 to clean all the rest up... Though after runningboth,
    I still had some
    entries in my registery/services(local) I disabled the services, but unsure,a bit timid on doing anything with the registery.. So much for Norton's removal tool.... Any help?????
    Anyway Zass 7 is running great, with little problems, Well the only problem so far was after the install Iupgraded System Mechanic 6 to 7... It D/L'ed it fine but when I went to run the install I kept gettin anprogram error this was from my hard drive and also Iolo's site with and without ZASS 7
    on.. I mustadmit I was setting this, Oking that.... But it just would not run last nite... I did some changes thismorning on ZASS 7... Don't ask me what I think it was only to get more alerts, but the install programfor System Mechanic 7 ran just fine, although System Mechanic 7 is not detecting the Anti virus off ofZASS 7, but it reads the firewall just fine, So my System security shows at a low level...Also on the anti spam in Microsoft Outlook, it seems to work fine, but the "junk" button in the toolbarwork sometimes and not on other times
    when adding the email to the junk list?????

    Anyway ZASS 7 is
    a bit different than Norton after using it for three 3 yrs+ And will take some learningbut now it does seem to be doing all by itself.... And so far so good...... I think.....

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    pairofhearts Guest

    Default Re: I bite the Bullet

    ......just as information for you, I wouldn't fool with System Mechanic along with your ZASS. To many problems have been reported at various sites re: reg cleaners. Only a couple of really safe lightweight apps out there that one should be looking at.

    1. cCleaner SLIM

    2. ATF-Cleaner

    I'm sure there are others as well, but, take this from one who has used a few of the so called "big time" cleaners.

    Norton entries should be completely removed from the registry. Have you tried the Dell Tool??

    (PC DeCrapifier 1.7)**bleep**ifier/

    Message Edited by pairofhearts on 02-06-200701:13 PM

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:7.0

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    raideron Guest

    Default Re: I bite the Bullet

    Yeah pairofhearts.... That was what I was thinking, But somehow my finger got the better ofme and I upgraded to SM7...
    But so far so good.. The only problems as with Norton was whenI used the spyware scan, Both Norton and ZASS 7 flagged the manual of SM7
    as a virus, on NortonI disabled the spyware, and for now on ZASS 7

    I unchecked the auto treatment of spyware...we'll see how that goes... But so far everything else
    seems to be working great... Ohh and everythingseems to be a lot faster than with Norton....
    Well not the Scans........ Can't have everything I guessSort of a install and forget.. I will like that, as long as I get the same results I did with Norton and Macfeein the past......

    I emailed Iolo,
    about the un-detection of ZASS 7's antivirus... and to my surprize they emailedand said of plans to fix that???? :-))))
    On the Norton file
    remnants, I worked with Norton live chat to remove what their removal tooldid not, but after that was done I saw a few files in my registry, I forgot about SM7, so I justran that, It got 4 more
    of their files from the registry, but now on the search I see one left, thatmay just stay...

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