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Thread: avast! blocked?

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    gaslad Guest

    Default avast! blocked?

    Using ZA Free v 7.0.302.000, and avast! 4.7 antivirus.
    When I hover over the
    avast! Program icon in the upper right corner, I get the following pop-up:
    avast! Web Scanner
    Blocked from Listening to port(s): TCP: 12080

    Avast Web Scanner already has access to both Trusted and Internet enabled in Program Contol. Does anyone know what this message means?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:7.0

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: avast! blocked?

    Luckily for you I once had Avast av. Avast has a few idiosyncrasies, when I had it a year+ ago, my ZA firewall did not recognize the Avast av as a
    'legitimate' anti-virus in the 'ZA monitoring av' tab, even though I had it up an running. ZA blocks some of Avast's functioning, and Avast is forced to use a 'proxy server' to scan the e-mail scanner, and uses port 12080. This a well known problem Avast has long been aware of. What
    I did, and you'll have to do is check Avast's support/trouble tabs and look for that specific problem. It will tell and show you how to go into Microsoft's internet options and set up the 'proxy' for port 12080. I know, I was kind of scared to do it, too, being a low tech person, but Avast has pics included with their step by step resolution. Avast is kind of cool, with the customizeable graphical interface, but some anti-virus test reviews have been not too kind to it's av abilities - don't fret, it still passes the standard uniform av test organizations. I hope this gets you started in the right direction, there may be some more fine pc tech tunning that is needed, but try this out for starts.NaiveMelody NYC 2-5-07~9:35pm e.s.t. - Can't you hear me knocking - the Rolling Stones

    PS- I don't know what your were trying to say in your previous message below- the one at "04:53 PM" but sign-in, go to that post, look above at 'board options' click, and you can delete it; there's nothing in it.

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    gaslad Guest

    Default Re: avast! blocked?

    Thanks, but your tips didn't work.
    I'm not fretting about this, and am very pleased with avast! to date. Frankly, I'm treating it as an oddity.
    P.S: As far as my previous post, that was a mis-post. Looks like someone deleted it for me.

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    Default Re: avast! blocked?

    Hi Gaslad,This might help you better understand what is going on. Just as NaiveMelody stated, Avast needs to communicate back and forth with a proxy server... a computer elsewhere on the internet... to perform its function of checking and updating its list of viruses, malware etc. The ability to communicate back and forth with other computers on the internet is not something that your firewall lets just any program perform. The program has to have Server Rights ie permission to act as a server and send out as well as listen for and receiveincoming messages from the internet. You can check the program list and see if your Avast program has server rights at the far right. If it does not, that is probably why you are getting the blocked communications alerts. If you totally trust Avast, you can give it server rights and the blocking of its listening on ports should end. When I ran Avast I did not allow it to have server rights and even with the blocking of its listening on ports it performed without any problems so I would not be too worried about his.ledoc

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    gaslad Guest

    Default Re: avast! blocked?

    Many thanks, ledoc, for the explanation and the fix.
    I was sure I had tried granting server rights to the Web Scanner before without success- perhaps it needed a reboot to stick. At any rate, Web Scanner is now listening to that port. As you say, avast! has protected me well even when that module was blocked, so I wasn't too worried.
    Do I "totally trust Avast"? To paraphrase somebody, "In God I trust- all other programs must ask for permission!" has been my motto til now. Perhaps this is an exception ...Thanks again to you both~g

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