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Thread: Some error about "Bias Eggs.exe"?

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    emkay Guest

    Default Some error about "Bias Eggs.exe"?

    Why do I keep getting these errors about this Bias Eggs.exe every time I open and close zone alarm? Is this some kind of virus or something? The application also includes itself in the startup processes list as "Bias eggs"

    What on earth is this?

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    Default Re: Some error about "Bias Eggs.exe"?

    Hi emkay

    This may not be good.

    go here>

    and follow it completely through

    at the same time, get signed in to from the main page>

    Then post a HJT log for help

    Best regards.

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    emkay Guest

    Default Re: Some error about "Bias Eggs.exe"?

    Thanks, will try it out

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