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    goldpepsiboy Guest

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    I have ZoneAlarm Suite installed on my PC. The way I would get on the internet is through someone else's wireless connection that my wireless NIC could connect to. In the overview of ZoneAlarm, I had about 50 intrusions blocked with zer0 high-rated. This stayed the same for over the 6 months of connecting to this unknown entity.

    Ever since I got my own cable modem and added my own wireless router to it, My blocked intrusions have increased to 183 with 23 being high rated, the ZoneAlarm is prompting me more often now of (netbios) attacks it has blocked. This really made me wonder why the sudden increase in attacks to my PC. I was under the impression that connecting to an unknown entity, such as someone else's wireless signal, was more riskier!

    If anyone here has any input on this, I'd greatly appreciate it!

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    joao_pt Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm really blocking more since ...

    It depends pretty much from your ISP... About two years ago I was getting about 15 alerts/minute, and now I only have 3 alerts/minute... I guess it all depends on who your ISP is, probably your ISP has more traffic and more hackers hidden on it, that's probably the answer... Also, it could be the fact that your neighbour has a router with a better firewall, which was filtering those "extra" attacks...
    So, no worry...

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