I did have a problem a while back, as others, where ZA didn't want to 'unlock' after engaging & then disengaging the Internet Lock (I'm using ZAP 6.5). I stopped using the lock, as some suggested.

Now, anytime there's inactivity of > a few min, it locks all internet access, even though the lock hasn't been engaged. Only way to regain access is shut down / restart ZA immediately.

It also (in same time frame) has stopped logging ALL alerts. Yes, the settings are still the same. I'm thinking the problem w/ ZA locking access is related to the failure to log events, if only because of some corrupted file(s). This is such a common complaint / problem w/ many users postings on this forum, can't help think it's really just an unaddressed / unresolved bug.

I will try to reset / clear the data base files or perhaps reset ZA settings to default first. Other than that, anyone have other suggestions that might avoid a reinstall?