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Thread: ZA Free Firewall & 2-13 MS Updates=>MS Security Center:"Firewall Off"

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    ruthe Guest

    Default ZA Free Firewall & 2-13 MS Updates=>MS Security Center:"Firewall Off"

    After installing Microsoft's 2-13 updates, MS's Security Center notification area red shield says Zone Alarm Firewall is off.
    I had to tell Security Center not to monitor my firewall to get rid of the notification...not a good solution.
    AVG AntiVirus is properly reported as on.
    Spybot does not find any problems.
    I cannot advise others to install MS Updates until I understand why this is happening and how to properly fix it.
    Please help.tia,ruthe

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: ZA Free Firewall & 2-13 MS Updates=>MS Security Center:"Firewall Off"

    That did not happen here. Security center continued to show ZA on, before, during and after all the latest batch of updates from Microsoft updates.
    ZA free 7.0.302, XP home SP2 all updates.
    You could try shutting down ZA, set Windows firewall on if it does not automatically come back on, check that security center is reporting that correctly, then start ZA (assuming you have it set to switch off Windows firewall security center should see the change)
    If that does not work, try a clean uninstall of ZA, then reinstall.
    Clean uninstall1. go to start/programs/zonealarm, right click on the uninstall shortcut, click properties In the target line at the end add space then
    /clean, so it reads
    "C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zauninst.exe" /clean
    2. Set ZA not to load at startup, shut down ZA, make sure Windows firewall is started.3. Restart. Uninstall ZA from start/programs/ZoneAlarm/Uninstall (not from add/remove).4. Restart, reinstall ZA.

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    ruthe Guest

    Default Thanks, JRosenfeld!

    Disabled internet connection, shut down Zone Alarm Firewall, enable Windows Firewall, Security Center reported firewall on.
    Reloaded Zone Alarm, Windows Firewall automatically disabled, enabled internet connection, Security Center reporting Zone Alarm Firewall on.
    Rebooted, Security Center still reporting Zone Alarm Firewall on.
    Thanks JRosenfeld!

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