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Thread: ZoneAlarm prevents Hibernate on Win2k

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    Default ZoneAlarm prevents Hibernate on Win2k

    Just as my 2 week free trial is ending I discover that it is ZoneAlarm that is preventing me from Hibernating. I have Win2k on a Dell notebook, with Xandros Boot Manager, and also a hardware Firewall.

    Each time I close Win2k with Hibernate, then when I open up I get: Dell logo > Xandros Boot Manager > Resuming Windows > a 1 second blue window with "...beginning dump of physical cet, and much more" > Xandros Boot Manager > Starting up Windows !

    Disabling ZoneAlarm doesn't help. Only by uninstalling ZoneAlarm can I Hibernate normally. Hibernate is the only reason that I use Win2k now.

    Is there a solution to this snag?

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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm prevents Hibernate on Win2k

    Make sure the hardrive stays on in the hibernation Mode in the Power settings of the control Panel.Or in the power settings of any additional manufactures power savers.

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