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Thread: Printer won't print from the Internet

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    Default Re: Printer won't print from the Internet

    Thank you. I will send that information to the techs, I thought a user might have had the same problem and found a fix, that is why I came to the user forum. I've found many solutions to problems by visiting user forums before bothering the very busy (usually) tech personnel.I also thought that perhaps my discussing this problem at a user forum might help some other person with this problem.Again, thank you for responding.Have a great day!Kat

    Thank you for your continued feedback to this Forum..
    Your Input is important to many of the users in this forum..This Forum is Very useful to many users..
    But Tech Support needs to be informed of Device problems like yours so that they can make sure that a problem fix gets added to the new Release..
    Thank you..
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    I sent in the tech form.

    I will post back when I hear from them.
    Thank you.

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