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Thread: Two major problems -- site freezes and process crashes

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    jvoxakis Guest

    Default Two major problems -- site freezes and process crashes

    Greetings --

    I'm having two major problems with ZA Internet Security 7, purchased a few days ago.

    1) 50% or more web sites, namely major sites like and to name a few, will not load in Firefox but WILL load in IE. However, w/o ZA installed, all sites are accessible via Firefox. CNN will not load at all, while will let me onto the home page without issue...but when I click on any link for a new story, the page starts to load and simply seems to freeze. The page is showing "loading", so I suppose it's not actually freezing, but nothing is coming in except for the page title. This is pretty much the story on all sites with which I'm having this problem -- title is loaded in the title bar but that's it. Most of the sites stop while the progress bar says "Transferring data from ******" (MSNBC news story pages hang at "Transferring data from" while main page hangs at "Transferring data from" for two main examples)

    I've tried adding,,,, and every other URL/domain that seems to be hanging up the problem pages to Privacy --> Site List, but this has done no good.

    2) Since I installed ZA, my ATI Catalyst Media Center & TV Card simply won't work. Upon opening the Media Center and going to any subcategory, I get a service crash -- "CLCapSvc Module has encountered a problem and needs to close." What on Earth would ZA have to do with my TV Tuner card?

    Upon uninstalling ZA completely, all of the above issues go away. The tuner card works without any issue and all sites are again accessible in Firefox.

    Help! A man needs his TV recordings... And, if it's a choice between using IE and getting a refund on my Zone Alarm purchase, I'm getting a refund. Can't stand IE...

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    grogman Guest

    Default Re: Two major problems -- site freezes and process crashes

    I have similar stability problems: crashes, freezes, even a recent blue screen when trying to play Farcry. In fact, the only way Farcry will even start is if I shutdown the Zonealarm Suite. Then there are the random weird slowdowns and the fact that alt-crtl-del won't bring up the task manager when they happen.

    Before I get any BS answer about trying a clean install etc... IT IS A CLEAN INSTALL. Completely clean from XP to Zonealarm. I even switched to ZoneAlarm suite early rather than wait from my previous anti-virus/firewall suite to expire so I wouldn't have any "junk" "leftover" when I switched to ZA (which was heralded as "the best" in some recent reviews). Judging by the lack of clarity and honesty on ZA's stability issues (and most notably what is being done to solve said issues) I'm starting to get the feeling that going to ZA suite as a POOR CHOICE ON MY PART.

    Come on guys. What are you doing to address this? Are there any workarounds? Are there any eatures that I can temporarily disable? If I don't hear from ZA directly (in this thread or via email) in the next couple of days, I will be asking for a refund for my 3 license suite and go back to one of your slow and bloated competitors...

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    grogman Guest

    Default Re: Two major problems -- site freezes and process crashes

    I forgot to mention... ...boy am I glad I haven't "upgraded" to ZA on the other 2 computers yet...

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    felixtcat Guest

    Default Re: Two major problems -- site freezes and process crashes

    Hi jvoxakis & grogman,

    I had a similar problem on 2 PCs that I upgraded to Security Suite 7. One was for games and Doom 3 and Quake 4 both locked up completely at the loading menus (or something similar) screen, though oddly Prey loaded and ran properly.

    On the other PC, Forte Agent locked the whole PC when I tried to start it - I couldn't open any other program including Task Manager. I even tried opening Forte with Control Center open and that just locked up too.

    In the end, the solution was to delete all reference to these programs from Program Control - Programs in the Security Center. On both PCs the relevant programs then opened, asked for permission and ran perfectly.

    Looking in Control Center afterwards I couldn't identify any differences from the previous settings!



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    jvoxakis Guest

    Default Re: Two major problems -- site freezes and process crashes

    Thanks. I decided to apply for a refund. Turns out ZA was messing with more services than I thought -- Windows was crashing every few hours with a "serious error" (wasn't even giving me an event in the logs or a service name that crashed), more and more web pages were coming up wasn't worth the effort. I'm going back to Norton. It's a resource hog but works.

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    aaaaaa Guest

    Default Re: Two major problems -- site freezes and process crashes

    I'm having a similar problem with the ATI Catalyst Media Center. It crashes when I try to watch TV but lets me watch video and listen to the radio.

    I reinstalled CMC hoping that ZA would warn me of something but I got no response from it(ZA) but CLCapSvc crashed during the install. The only way I can use CMC to watch TV is not have ZA running from boot or from desktop (i.e. not running it ever). If ZA is run and then shutdown CMC still crashes.
    to allow
    I have set component and program permissions to "allow", for as many CMC programs as possible,removed them from the ZA list so thst on rerun I would get a warning but still nothing. Set program control to off, no luck

    I tried uninstalling ZA, but it won't reinstall so can't check that.

    Its been two months and one update since the last post in this thread. Any progress on a fix?

    XP sp2
    ZA suite 7.03

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    aaaaaa Guest

    Default Re: Two major problems -- site freezes and process crashes

    Installed free ZA 7.03. CMC runs with no problems. Activated ZA suite and CMC crashes. reinstalled Free ZA till this is fixed.
    Had no problem with ZA Pro before upgrading to ZA Suite

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    porran Guest

    Default Re: Two major problems -- site freezes and process crashes

    I also had a similar issue with the ATI TV Wonder 650 and Catalyst Media Center (CLCAPSV blowup)when I upgraded to Version 7 of ZAIS. Worse than that, I couldn't uninstall version 7 and had to do a full restore from a backup. This appears to be a Kaspersky issue which appears to no longer be a problem in the the most recent Kaspersky. When will ZA update to the Kaspersky engine that appears to work?

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    Nov 2004

    Default Re: Two major problems -- site freezes and process crashes

    Hi!do you have a link to the kaspersky discussion?Did you inform ZA about the conflict? Here: Thanks,Fax

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