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Thread: ZA 7 issues and incompatibilities

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    golowenow Guest

    Default ZA 7 issues and incompatibilities

    Hello all,I just wanted to list a few issues and incompatibilities that seem to have occured with the new ZA 7 upgrade. I upgraded my ZA 6.5 to it about 3-4 weeks ago. After I installed it I noticed a large slowdown in bootup time. After installation several issues with commonly visited web sites began to occur. Most importantly with me was my ONLINE banking with BOA. I would go to login in and run through the login steps only to be looped back to the homepage. I thought this was a problem with the website but have since learned that ZA 7 was causing this. This problem occured on numerous web sites via my PC and other wireless connected PC's and laptops. My wife could not get into many sites that she used to get in before ZA 7. The loopback issue may be an incompatibility with router systems. After uninstalling ZA 7 and reverting BACK to ZA 6.5 the issues have disappeared.:8}
    A second issue I noticed is with System Mechanic. After install of ZA 7 SM did not recognize the AntiVirus. It still DID recognize the firewall. In these forums I have seen that others are stating ZA 7 is incompatible with SM. It appears so as SM seems to keep trying to repair issues constantly under ZA 7.A third issue is with Disckeeper 2007. Slowdowns in defrag ect;. Also noted in these forums that ZA 7 is incompatible with it.The K1 service not found issue (seen in your event viewer)
    occurs with ZA 7. Needs to go away.Memory usage went way up with ZA 7.I run a webserver. ABYSS. After ZA 7 install one of the tables in my Database got corrupted. I use MySQL. Believe this to be a ZA 7 issue. Database was perfect for months under ZA 6.5.
    After reverting back to ZA 6.5 MY system is running perfectly! Smooth as silk.:robotvery-happy:Believe ZA 7 needs to be completely revamped and throughly tested BEFORE released to the public. Yes it may run fine on systems with no other major programs running with it or whatever but DEFINITELY it has issues with MANY systems that DO have them.Here is what I runell Dimension 8250Windows XP SP2768 Megs SDRAM60 gig HDD Primary80 gig HDD Secondary250 gig HDD USB2.4 ghz Intel P4 processorLinksys Wireless-G 2.4 ghz Broadband router(My PC is wired to it)Comcast High-speed Internet with XTRA speed boosttwo Dell dimension 2400 PC wireless hookupsOne Dell Inspiron B130 notebook wireless hookup
    I run:Zone alarm Security SuiteSystem MechanicDiscKeeper 2007Abyss webserverMySQLPHP5STunnelEpson CX3200 printer/scanner systemMemTurboDynDns UpdaterPerlPython
    All are constantly updated and up to date.Please look into the ZA 7 issues. ZA has been great until the last major upgrade.Possible issue is the new antivirus system.Thank you.JLowe

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    critterjoe Guest

    Default Re: ZA 7 issues and incompatibilities

    We are all fellow ZA users here. ZoneLabs tech support does not monitor the forums. Please send your list of issues to them using the free webform:

    Hopefully you can copy and paste your detailed list into that form. Thanks for reporting your problems and trying to make ZA better. Good luck!

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    golowenow Guest

    Default Re: ZA 7 issues and incompatibilities

    Have posted all of these issues to the above mentioned support link. Hopefully others with these issues will do the same. Thank you.:robotwink:

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