Premise: I'm using the "Parental Controls" to block websites.
I want to block "News" sites to cut down on my own online news reading.

ZoneAlarm successfully
blocks the Wall St. Journal, NY Times, Drudge Report, all fine.

Problem #1: It appears that "" is not blocked.
But "" is listed as a news site on the BlueCoat filter list used by ZoneAlarm, so I can't suggest that it be added to the blocked/categorized sites... it's already on there!
Instead it seems to be whitelisted by ZoneAlarm.
And I don't see any way to add an individual site to ZoneAlarm to block it. Can someone help me?
Problem #2: I want to avoid reading "" a popular tech news site.
Blue Coat categorizes it as "Computers/Internet" and refuses to categorize it as "news". Sigh.
OK, but when I go to block all "Computers/Internet" in ZoneAlarm, ZoneAlarm does not list that as a category for blocking/filtering!
Any ideas on how I could get these sites blocked via Parental Controls?

Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:7.0