hi, i have a 2.5 ghz computer with 512 mb of ram, with windows XP (oh ya eww vista) , a real speed demon, and i have zonealarm free. my antiviruis is avast! antiviruis. avast antiviruis has there screeensaver, which scans all files on your hard drive while your fav screensaver is running. i notice however, that after i shake the mouse, and open up aol. i go online, aol says welcome and all the stuff. (i have dialup) and well, aol is the only thing that can access the internet, every other program, avast antiviruis update cant be done, adaware cant connect, nor spybot nor aol istand messenger, (which i have installed outside of aol.) i can browse the internet fine, but i cant get any of my programs to access the internet. which is really weird, because after i restart the computer everything can fine. until i walk away and the screensaver activates. then nothing can connect. the weird thing is, is that aol can and no one else can. no other progarm, which is rly weird. so, im a computer nut, so dont be afraid of rattaling geek at me, i will be able to read it and understand
lol. anyways, any suggestion would be greatly aprreciated. this is the only promblem i have ever had with zonealarm. I also notice it happens on other people's pc's, without aol and avast. so i am wondering if its a issue that can be fixed in an update for the firewall? i dont know. anyways, if its not able to be fixed, its not a huge deal, but its rather annoying i have to close everything and restart to fix it. thanks for your help!!

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version: