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    poojuice Guest

    Default Zap and AkamaiGHost

    Every time I start zone alarm it performs some kind of updating by connecting to servers related to your firm, but also some process identified as system process connects to some local server that runs http server identified as *AkamaiGHost*.
    That only happens when i start zone alarm.
    After little research I found that AkamaiGHost is a company that provides caching for contents and distributes them from local servers to the clients.
    Is there any relation between zone labs and that company, did this firm used any of their services??
    And thanks 0.0

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    naivemelody Guest

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    Akamai is a big behind the scenes internet service 'provider/services' as you have mentioned. I would often see their name when I used my ISP, they're everywhere - not to worry, not to bother. Safe surfing dude.NaiveMelody NYC 2-27-07~11:35pm e.s.t - I get around - the Beach Boys

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