I regularly use Eraser by Heidi Software. After installing ZA Internet Security Suite, I get the following message when trying to erase files:

File locked by another process.Do you want to Erase after restart?
Yes No

This has occurred with several different files in different locations (program files and my docs). I have changed the program settings in ZA to no effect. If I completely TURN OFF Zone Alarm, Eraser works fine and I do not get the error message. Obviously disabling my security is not an acceptable solution! Oddly, Eraser works fine on files on my desktop. In each case I am using the context menu to engage Eraser.

I should also point out that I can "delete" the very same files (to the recycle bin and permanent shift-delete).

I have tried McAfee and Norton prior to trying ZA, and did not have this problem with either of them. The problem only started after installing ZA. Both prior apps were fully removed using each manufacturer's "uninstall all" program available from their customer support.

FWIW, I am running XP Pro SP 2, fully patched.

Perhaps I have not hit on the right ZA configuration yet for Eraser. Any suggestions are appreciated! I am on a trial license and have only 11 more days to figure this out.


Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:7.0