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    Can you let me know bits of information:

    Can you let me know how use the ZoneAlarm Security Suite, only with the Lists. This would make it so much easier for me having to get rid of spam. Is there a way of doing this.


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    Sorry, Don't quite understand. Exactly what lists are you referring to?

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    fargcr Guest

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    The information that I have use is ZoneAlarm Security Suite, and the this uses People, Companies, Lists, Messages, Challenges, Settings and Reports.

    The important thing that I would like, please, would like only use Lists. This would be the way get rid of Spam.

    I hope that this is what I'm asking for, and sorry if I get things wrong.


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    You can't turn off AntiSpam heuristics, it's either Product On or Product Off. You can use or not use the lists in *addition* to the basic function but the spam filter itself can't be turned of so that just your list can be used. Hope this answers your question.

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    Hi farcgr

    I think you are referring to a Blacklist for spammers or a DNS BlackList? Such a list is not available in the ZASS.


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    Thank you very much your help in this. It is a shame thatpeople are not able to just use only e-mails from friends.
    I know that one can get rid of spam, so that is not too much of problem.Another bit of information that I have used but then decide not to use, afterwards, was to use "ashampoo": Do you think that perhaps I should use that instead? The thing about that is that I'll have to make sure that my Microsoft Outlook can use "ashampoo".Anyway, if you were able to send another e-mail thank you very much, but have not, don't worry: you have been very helpful.fargcr

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    Some internet service providers such as Comcast allow you to filter out all but people on your list of safe contacts. Maybe you should try to solve this proble at the level of your mail server.

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