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Thread: System hangs on startup...

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    henrikmm Guest

    Default System hangs on startup...

    Ever since I installed Zonealarm Security Suite, my system has gotten slower, and slower on the startup.
    The first month or so, it took and aditional 30 secs or so, to start windows, and the computer was ready to be used.Now it takes some 5 minutes (after the windows logon screen) before I can even attemp to use the computer.And starting new programs takes ages...
    I just tried disabling zonealarm on start up, and the system was up in 5 secs, flat.Started zonealarm, and everything worked just fine.
    Now I really would hate to continue to use this way of booting, so please, someone help me out with why it is taking so d***ed long!
    I dont know what sort of info you would need to help, so please write and ill answer as fast as I possibly can!
    YoursHenrik, Denmark

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    wwaag Guest

    Default Re: System hangs on startup...


    I had the same problem and did as you have done--disabled the ZA startup option and then put ZA in the Startup folder. I posted this solution in another thread for someone having the same problem and was informed by a "guru" that while this solution "works", it does leave your system vulnerable during the initial startup (before loading ZA). On the other hand, waiting 5 minutes for your system to load is pretty ridiculous IMHO. I think I'll take my chances.


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    therealbartman Guest

    Default Re: System hangs on startup...

    This seems to be a common problem...I have ZA on three systems; all have extremely slow start.
    It worked great out of the box but after the last upgrade my start up times have gone to around five minutes.
    I just don't even power down my systems anymore because of fear of how long it will take to start up again.
    Is there a real solution out there other than the work around of disabling during start up?
    Please advise.

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