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Thread: Possible conflicts with Outlook & SMSystemAnalyzer (System Mechanic Pro

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    nbnorth Guest

    Default Possible conflicts with Outlook & SMSystemAnalyzer (System Mechanic Pro

    I don't know if the symptoms are related, or show separate problems. I recently did clean reinstall (January 2007) of Windows XP and reinstalled my applications. XP has SP-2 and all critical updates

    1. The Junk button in the ZASS toolbar in Outlook does not work. When I select an email and then click the button, Outlook crashes. The crash is bad enough that restarting Outlook does not work. I have to restart Windows.

    2. Another time, I got message: Access violation at address 00433ACA in module SMSystemAnalyzer.exe. Read of address 63396131. A following message: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library. Runtime error! Program c:\WINDOWS\system32\ZoneLabs\vsmon.exe. After this, the ZASS icon in the system tray changed to a yellow X on a red background. I right-clicked on that icon to bring up ZASS window. It was frozen on antivirus & antispyware, would not go to Overview. Then I got message The True Vector Internet Monitor has shut down. Do you wish to restart it? I clicked YES. This message kept reappearing in cascading windows. Windows froze and Start:Turn Off Computer would not work. I had to power down and then start over.

    Does ZASS 7.0 fix this problem?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    raideron Guest

    Default Re: Possible conflicts with Outlook & SMSystemAnalyzer (System Mechanic Pro

    Hi nbnorth,
    I can't help on ZASS 6.5.. But I just switched from NIS 2006 to ZASS v7 and at the same timeI upgraded my
    SM6 to SM7(not Pro)...
    Besides the known problems with ZASS v7(anti-virus+)which we all hope will be fixed soon(it's been a while, with all the
    reported problems, I'm surecheck point would not be holding off on the Virus fix and waiting to take care of the Vista updateproblems).... That would be VERY sad indeed is it was so????????????/

    My SM7(non pro) has worked great with
    ZASS v7, I do leave the auto repair off on both of thespyware programs....
    I do have a slight problem with the "junk" button It will add it to the "junk"list but will sometimes leave it in
    my inbox also... I also have a problem with added "junk" emailaddresses to my allowed list.

    Other than the listed problems/issues they both seem to worktogether quite well on my XP Pro sp2 and Microsoft Outlook 2002 sp3 on my 4yr Dell..
    I was going to go completely with System Mechanic 7 Pro to replace my NIS 2006, (I'm no probut I do like SM's cleaners, or should I say the last 4 Yrs. they have worked for me with no knownproblems with it and my computer...)

    but my emails to Iolo about their Firewall/Anti-virus...Well lets just say I went with ZASS v7..... MMmmmmm

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