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Thread: vsmon.exe error.

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    aoshi Guest

    Default vsmon.exe error.

    I just updated my zone alarm inter net security suit to the newest version couple days ago.

    Ever since then i have been getting error messages about vsmon.exe

    There are couple different error messages.

    first error message

    The exception integer division by zero.
    (oXC0000094) occurred in the application at location 0x01048639.

    Click on ok to terminate the program.

    After i click ok. I can't do anything else because if i do, (lick clicking on an icon on the desktop) my screen will turn blue and the computer will restart right away.

    Second error message

    I didn't write it down but it says something about something can not be read from the memory and ask me to terminate the program.

    When i do terminate the program i can't open any program anymore. If i click on the firefox icon a message will come up saying i do not have the permission to open the program. I need the administrative privileges.

    I will have to restart my pc to fix that.

    The error message does not come up every other second. I leave my pc on 24/7 so if i restart the pc after the error message the next day the message will come up again.

    I am also having problem with the laptop since i upgraded the zone alarm internet security suit.

    I do not get error messages, maybe because i keep in hypernation when ever i finished using it.

    anyway. it is lagging the system. the laptop takes forever to boot up now and when it gets to the desktop screen there will be nothing on the screen, no icons no nothing and i can't click on the start bar too. I will have to wait like 30 second or more till i can use the laptop.

    Both my desktop and laptop use Xp media center

    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: vsmon.exe error.

    The PC locked up or froze. Some other application locked horns with the ZA installation. Make sure no other security application is running when the ZA is being installed. The ZASS can be easily uninstalled in the safe mode and even installed in the safe mode.

    Uninstall the ZASS and clean the remmants and reinstall. There are parts causing issues with the newer versions.

    Click on Start -> Programs -> Zone Labs
    RIGHT-click on Uninstall Zone Labs Security, then select Properties
    Under Target you will see the following line (the actual drive may be different on your system):

    "C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zauninstexe"
    Change it to:

    "C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zauninst.exe" /clean

    (add a space and then the /clean )
    Click OK to save the new command line.

    Open the ZA and disable the "Load Zone Alarm at startup" found in the Preferences of the Overview. Then reboot.

    Click on Start -> Programs -> Zone Labs -> Uninstall Zone Labs Security
    Click OK to run the uninstaller, and OK any security alerts that pop up.
    say "Yes when being prompted for the removal of all files and allow TrueVector to shut down.
    After rebooting, check for the following folders, and delete them if you find them:

    "Internet Logs"

    "Zone Labs" (under your Program Files folder)

    "Zonelabs" (under your Windows System32 folder)
    Empty your recycle bin

    Then follow the manual cleanup >

    Download the CCleaner (freeware) and run it>

    Download the ZASS ffom here>

    Best regards.

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