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Thread: Other antivirus recognition

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    jxbith Guest

    Default Other antivirus recognition

    ZoneAlarm(Free) v. 6.5.737 does not recognise avast! antivirus v 4.7.Consequently cannot use ZoneAlarm antivirus Monitoring.

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    Windows XP Home Edition
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    ZoneAlarm (Free)
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    Default Re: Other antivirus recognition

    It does not recognize my antiviruses either. On several windows I use NOD32, KAV and AntiVir. I get my revenge by disabling both the antvirus monitor and the email protection.

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Other antivirus recognition

    jxbith,But Avast can monitor itself nicely, just set its automatic updates on, and you can always check where you stand via the Avast GUI. That GUI is ugly, nonstandard, but good, and their logs behind it are impeccable. Much more information than ZA gives IMP. For me,
    Avast always pushes up a little window, informs me of updating, tells the version right away and coexists so well with free ZA 6.5 that I just find it amusing that ZA keeps saying there is no virus protection, and live with it

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    jxbith Guest

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    zasuiteuser - that's exactly what I'm doing. Thanksjxbith

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