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    jaholton Guest

    Default Norton 'Protection' Centre

    Hi all, not sure if this is where to post this but I'm new here.

    I've just downloaded and installed the update to version 7 on my pc running xp home......... Only problem now is, how do I get Norton Protection Centre to see it and accept that it's protecting my system?

    Had no problems with ZA 6...........

    Any Ideas?

    John H

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: Norton 'Protection' Centre

    Never heard of Norton Protection Centre, but see if Norton have an update for this on their web site.

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    jaholton Guest

    Default Re: Norton 'Protection' Centre

    Hi, thanx for replying at least.

    The 'Norton Protection Centre' is what Norton a/v or Internet Security Suite puts on your system when you install it........... taking over from windows XP's own Security Centre.

    In case anyone else asks, the only way I could find to get it up and running without any error messages was to completely uninstall, then re install and update Norton A/V.

    Blooming pain that was too!!


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    Default Re: Norton 'Protection' Centre

    ZA and Norton products get on like a house on fire sometimes.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Norton 'Protection' Centre

    If you mean Windows Security center not recognizing ZA; the latest update 7.0.337.00 should have fixed it - maybe not very well. As long as you know your ZA is working - really working - that's what more important. Since this has been an issue in the past
    - I did a quick search - red box at the bottom of the page - and found this - you can try this - by Senior JRosenfeld -<hr>As far as ZA is concerned, you could try the following to get security center to recognise ZA, which it ought to
    (preferably off line)In ZA, make sure that in Firewall main tab, advanced, disable Windows firewall is checked.
    Then shut down ZA (right click on tray icon, click shutdown ZoneZlarm.
    In security center, switch on Windows firewall. Security center should show that Windows firewall is on (click chevron next to firewall to read the message). Restart ZA from start, programs. Check in security center whether it recognizes that ZA has come on (ZA will have switched off the Windows firewall when you restart it).
    If that does not work, but you are happy not to have security center alert you, in security center, on the left click change the way security center alerts me, then uncheck the box for firewall alert.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 3-23-07~12:02am e.s.t. - TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)

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    jaholton Guest

    Default Re: Norton 'Protection' Centre


    Thanks for that, I'll keep it in mind for if (when) I have to reinstall either again.

    I had a problem a while back with Norton A/V 2006 and ZA6 but that suddenly seemed to sort itself out. You'd think these 'security' software companies would at least try and get it together so's things don't conflict........... after all they're all after the same thing aren't they.... our money.. Norton would've lost mine next time if I didn't get it working...


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