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    wes_t Guest

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    Sadly I have had to uninstall my Free ZoneAlarm firewall.
    I ran into trouble with it under VISTA ( with ALL updates ) and my Wi_Fi connection on a Toshiba Satellite laptop computer.

    Ever since uninstalling ZA I havee NOT LOST my Wi_Fi...
    Sadly , for some reason not understood by me - I was not able to do a "graduated test".
    It seems that ZA had found a way to prevent the unchecking of the automatic load at start-up time.( Not in my book a smart thing to do )

    I would LOVE to get back to using my old friend ZA... but untill I have a few clues onhow I can avoid the Wi_Fi disconnect I feel somewhat stuck ( with Windows Firewall )
    Any suggestions?
    Wes T.

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    Charles_B Guest

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    Maybe this link could be of help :

    You could also type " Toshiba Satellite " in Search button.

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